Maternity Compression

Tired feet? Swollen ankles? Physically demanding careers can take a toll on the mom-to-be. Seek relief from pregnancy related edema with some of our most popular compression garments.

Insurance covers some garment types with a medical necessity, so ask your physician if you qualify.

If you need compression items not listed here, please call us! We are one of the largest national providers of compression in the USA, and we are sure to have the custom or specialty item you need.

Our specialists are available at 1-855-477-4520.

About SunMED

SunMED Medical Solutions is a national provider of specialty medical equipment and enhanced clinical support for the treatment of patients of all ages and conditions. We provide the most clinically superior brands and sought-after models of each product we carry.

SunMED was founded in 2002. Located in Marlton, New Jersey (in the Philadelphia area), our over 150 employees serve patients nationwide. We are a Medicare provider, hold over 200 insurance company contracts, multiple workers compensation contracts and we are a Medicaid provider in 20 states.

SunMED Medical Solutions
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